by CMon May 22, 2011

01. 솔직히 말할게
02. Go!
03. Summer Love
04. Miracle
05. 중독
06. 내가 더 슬퍼
07. 지금 만나러 간다
08. 화해하지 말아요
09. 중독 (Remix)
10. 솔직히 말할께 (inst.)
11. Go! (inst.)

The boys of Code V recently unveiled the audio tracks to their “Honestly” album, which has 8 songs, 1 remix, and 2 instrumentals.

Tell You Honestly


Summer Love



I’m More Sad

I’m Coming To Meet You Now

Do Not Be Reconciled

Poisoning (Remix)

Tell You Honestly (Instrumental)
Go (Instrumental)

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