Catalog No. TOCT-40340
Label/Distributor EMI Music Japan
Release Date 2011/06/15

ベッキー♪#、待望の5thシングルは、風をテーマにした爽やかで前向きな楽曲! 初回限定盤はベッキー♪#デザインによるオリジナルタオル付き。

Source: Oricon
by HPrieston May 18, 2011

Talento Becky is going to release her 5th single, “Kaze no Shirabe“, under her alias Becky♪♯ on June 15th, and today it was revealed to be yet another song composed by popular vocal group GReeeeN.

Last year Becky and GReeeeN already formed Gucky, a collaboration unit for a song called “GOOD LUCKY!!“, but this time GReeeeN only composed the song while Becky wrote the lyrics herself. Further, it’s the first time for the group to supply a female artist with one of their compositions.

Becky commented, “I’m truly, truly grateful that the amazing guys of GReeeeN gave me a song that makes you want to buy the CD, sing it at the karaoke and gives you so much encouragement. As a result of this wonderful piece of music, I also tried to put my whole heart into the lyrics.”

GReeeeN stated, “It is the first time we get somebody else to write the lyrics for one of our tunes. We were very excited and couldn’t wait to hear the song. It made us happy that it become such a beautiful song!! Can’t we just form a five-member group with Becky♪♯!? Our place is dirty, but we really like this idea!!”

On July 13th, Becky is also going to release her 2nd album which, apart from GReeeeN, will feature the tunes from several other artists such as ORANGE RANGE, ET-KING, YA-KYIM, and more.

Kaze no Shirabe” is already available for download on mobile portals as of today.

Becky shows off her eclectic ‘teen’ style for “Zipper”

by kurumion May 19, 2011
Talent Becky appeared in the June edition of “Zipper“, modelling a bold but sweet style perfect for the fashion-conscious teenager.

The 27-year-old takes on six different outfits using her own “keywords” for fashion, along with a seventh for her favorite brand for sneakers. Blogging queen Nakagawa Shoko and talent Kuriyama Chiaki do the same for their own spreads, each establishing their own unique style.

Check out the scans below!

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