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by bazingaon May 22, 2011

On May 22nd, former Morning Musume member and talento Yaguchi Mari married actor Nakamura Masaya!

The couple reported their marriage in a press conference the same afternoon, where Nakamura revealed, “We registered our marriage together late last night.”

Yaguchi told the press she’s yet to introduce her husband to fellow Morning Musume members. She praised Nakamura during the conference, saying, “I’m sure they’ll say (he’s) handsome. Usually he’s wild but today he’s very fresh. He’s the most handsome today.

According to a source, the couple met through a common acquaintance early last year. Nakamura proposed to Yaguchi this January by presenting a diamond engagement ring to her and saying, “(I will) protect (you) for the rest of my life.” Yaguchi is not pregnant, and will continue working in the future.

Nakmura stated at the conference, “I might make her cry because I’m poor, but I won’t make her cry by cheating. I want to protect her with all my power and make a happy family.

The couple has a height difference of 47 cm, and Yaguchi looked up at her husband next to her as she remarked, “I am happy to receive everyone’s warm encouragement. I knew I would be able to live without ever running out of laughter with this person.

When asked by the press about where they wanted to go as a married couple, she replied, “We’ve made a promise to go to the affected areas of the Tohoku earthquake soon.
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