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by Shisoon May 9, 2011

平井堅の通算8枚目となるオリジナルアルバム「JAPANESE SINGER」が、6月8日にリリースされることが決定した。

Hirai Ken will be releasing new original album titled “JAPANESE SINGER” on June 8th!  It’s been about 3 years and 3 months since his last original album, “FAKIN’ POP“, which was released back in March 12th of 2008.

As you can see, Hirai is holding a red ball on the jacket cover. According to the star, it expresses the symbol of many important things, such as Japan, the Earth, or the heart.

“JAPANESE SINGER” will have three different editions: ‘limited edition A’, ‘limited edition B’, and a ‘regular edition’.  You can check the track lists and the jacket covers for all three versions below!

<Limited Edition A>

- CD

1. Sing Forever
2. Itoshiki Hibi yo
4. Onegai Jully☆
5. Boku wa Kimi ni Koi wo Suru

6. Sayonara My Love
7. R&B
8. Girls 3x
9. Aishiteru

11. Miss Summer Time
12. Yume no Mukou de
13. Anata to

- DVD (Live Video)

“Ken Hirai 15th Anniversary Special!! Vol.4″ @ Kyocera Dome Osaka (132 minutes, 18 songs)

- CD

※Same as above

- DVD (Video Clip)

• Boku wa Kimi ni Koi wo Suru
• Sing Forever
• Aishiteru
• Itoshiki Hibi yo
• Yume no Mukou de

<Regular Edition>

- CD

※Same as above
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