1. Curtain Call
2. Sixty Years On
3. Looking Out
4. Before It Breaks

5. I Will
6. Shadow On The Wall
7. Dreams
8. Turpentine
9. The Sound Of Silence
10. The Story
11. Pride And Joy
12. Hallelujah

Brandi Carlile - Well into the production of a new studio album due later this year, Carlile releases a live album recorded last November with the Seattle Symphony...12 tracks, her biggest songs mixed with classic covers //
Release: Live at Benaroya Hall (May 3, Columbia) //
Quote: "This recording is in the true spirit of our band and what we always wanted to be...It's the best record we've ever made" //
Sounds like: she meant what she said when she described "the power and depth" of recording with a symphony... Elton John's original 70's cohort Paul Buckmaster handled the string arrangements along with Sean O'Loughlin (Belle and Sebastian) //
What we like: the covers, particularly Elton's "Sixty Years On" and Simon and Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence"...the theatricality, with strings attached, of "Before It Breaks"...

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