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by kurumion April 14, 2011

TVアニメ『俺たちに翼はない』OP主題歌: Spread Wings/ 美郷あき
4月スタート予定のTVアニメ『俺たちに翼はない』!! 原作のOP主題歌を担当した"美郷あき"がアニメOP主題歌も担当!!

Pop singer Misato Aki has just announced that she will be releasing a new single, titled “Spread Wings.”!
The single will hit stores just weeks from now on April 27th, and the title track has already been claimed as the opening theme for the video game-turned-anime “Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai”, which begins airing this month.

Check out the cover and track list for “Spread Wings..” below!

< Track List >

01. Spread Wings.
03. Spread Wings. (off vocal)
04. PARANoiA (off vocal)

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