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by VITALSIGNon March 24, 2011

Korea’s Hoya Spotainment and China’s Bongawon have announced that they’ll be joining forces for a special collaboration girl group!

On March 24th, Hoya Spotainment announced, “Recently, we have decided to hold hands with one of China’s biggest management agencies, Bongawon, as partners in creating a new girl group.”

The members will be chosen through a special audition process and are aiming to promote in Korea, China, and Japan. Some of Asia’s biggest producers have promised to lend a hand in producing the girls in order to aid their debut in China during the second half of 2011.

Experts from both the Chinese and Korean music industries will be paneling at the auditions, which will run until April 10th.

CEO Yoo Jang Ho commented, “Bongawon’s funds and production skills combined with Hoya Spotainment’s planning and clear management style will create a great synergistic effect. Through this project, we’re predicting big changes in the Korean music market.”

Bongawon holds previous experience collaborating with Korea’s Lotte Group last year to produce another Korean/Chinese project group, the Lotte Girls.
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