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02.사랑은 왜
03.Let's Dance

05.Just A Friend
07.헤어지는 일 (Feat. 리쌍)
08.들어봐 (Rap Ver.) (Feat. Yammo & Don Kid & Haley)
09.사랑은 왜 (Inst.)
10.Let`s Dance (Inst.)

by Casper on February 10, 2011

All-round entertainer Lee Jung finally makes his way back on MNET’s M! Countdown on February 10th after an absence of 3 years with his new mini album titled, “J-Lee 2011 Project.”

The artist showcased his talent by personally taking part in every production phase of his album, including composing, writing, and arranging the tracks. For his title song, Lee Jung decided to go with a fun electric sound, which was further accentuated by his synthesized vocals.

Check out his double song performance of ‘Why Love‘ and ‘Let’s Dance‘ below!

이정 - 나를 봐

潘瑋柏 禪舞不二

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