Original Release Date: December 7, 2010
Label: Balloon Ranger Recordings
Copyright: 2010 Balloon Ranger Recordings AB
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November 23, 2009
Number of Discs: 2
Live at Stockholm Concert Hall will be released on 16th Sept in Scandinavia and on 25th Sept in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The dates for all other countries will be announced in short.(2009)

1. The Puzzle
2. Humming One Of Your Songs
3. To Let Myself Go
4. My Star
5. The Treehouse Song
6. Lullaby For Grown-Ups
7. Linger With Pleasure
8. Lift Me (feat. Sivert Höyem)
9. Sleeping By The Fyris River
10. Balloon Ranger
11. Ten Seconds
12. The Fall
13. Big In Japan

14. My Lover Will Go
15. Song No. 6
16. True Colors

17. My Baby's Arms (Studio Version)

Intro: Are they saying goodbye
Raise my head
The Puzzle
Humming one of your songs
To let myself go
This Voice
My Star
The Treehouse Song
Lullaby for Grown-ups
Changing of the seasons
Linger with pleasure
Lift Me (feat. Sivert Höyem)
Fyris River
Balloon Ranger
Ten Seconds
The Armour
Petrified Forest Road
Falling Down
The Fall
Rubber and Soul
Don’t Leave
Big in Japan
My Lover Will Go
Song No.6

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