等待兩年 深情再現

情歌霸主 西城男孩 Westlife
2009 最新專輯 愛就在這裡 Where We Are

11/20開始預購 獨家擁有全球獨家預購贈品:

1. What About Now
2. How To Break A Heart
3. Leaving
4. Shadows
5. Talk Me Down
6. Where We Are
7. The Difference
8. As Love Is My Witness
9. Another World
10. No More Heroes

11. Sound of a Broken Heart
12. Reach Out
13. I'll See You Again

Where We Are, the new album from Westlife has been recorded predominantly in the US and features songs written & produced by some of the world's current leading names in the industry, including Steve Robson, Ryan Tedder, Sam & Louis, Walter Afanasieff, Wayne Wilkins, Martin Terefe and Steve Booker. Some of these songs have been co-written with the band themselves as well. The first planned single will be their version of the incredible song 'What About Now' (originally recorded by Daughtry) and is produced by Steve Robson who is renowned for his recent productions on Take That & Leona Lewis. BMG. 2009.
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