F.T Island - One Date[Digital Single]
Release date: 2009/10/13
Genre: Ballad

Lie - F.T Island

F.T Triple releases “Love Letter” teaser
19 Oct 2009
F.T Triple releases Love Letter teaser

F.T.Triple, composed of 3 members Choi Jong Hoon, Choi Min Hwan, and Lee Jae Jin, is a sub group made from F.T.Island. F.T.Triple released a MV teaser today for their upcoming title-song "Love Letter," through the group's homepage and online music portal sites.

In this teaser, you will see Lee Jae Jin, who originally takes the role of the base and vocal, being in charge of guitar and the vocals. Guitarist Choi Jong Hoon will also be showing a new side, with piano, but Choi Min Hwan sticks with his drums.

They had a lot of troubles filming the MV as it was filmed in the Philippines when it was being besieged by typhoons. The full MV will be out on the 26th.

F.T. Island Reveals 2009 Concert Tour and Raining MV
09 Oct 2009

F.T. Island Reveals 2009 Concert Tour Details

5 member boy group F.T. Island will be having a national tour and the tour will be titled, "Men's Stories".

F.T. Island has recently released their 3rd album titled, "Cross & Change". Their hit single from the album, "I Hope" has been very well received by their fans and the five members are planning on showing their life behind the stage along with their strong visuals and sound on a more personal level for the fans.

The national tour will start on November 14, 2009 in Seoul.
F.T. Island Reveals 2009 Concert Tour Details

In other related F.T. Island news, their latest Japanese music video has been released. The music video is titled, "Raining." Check it out:

F.T Island - Raining

Catalog No.: AIMA-903
Label/Distributor: BM.3
Number of discs (or other units): 2
Release Date: 2009/10/21
Third single release from FTIsland. Includes bonus DVD with promotional footage, backstage footage, and more. A random photo card selected from five different kinds is also included.

今最も勢いのある韓国出身ティーンズバンド、FTIsland。待望のサード・シングル・リリース!! PV、オフショットなどを収録した豪華DVD付き!
01. Raining
02. Everything is possible
03. It’s U
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