Bussi Records/Wankdorf Recordings

01 I Never Ate That Bird

02 Karma Got it Right
03 My Eyes My Heart
04 I Hate Sundays
05 The Pain
06 How Much Peanut Butter
07 The End of Our Lovesong
08 It's Written in Your Eyes
09 When You're Around
10 Blood in My Face
11 A Short Ride
12 My Eyes My Heart (Loose edit)

In 2008 Swiss indie-pop-combo Electric Blanket made quite an impression with its charming single «My Eyes my Heart». The song was chosen for «Sounds! Summer Hit» by Swiss National Radio DRS3 and even made it into rotation at Berlin based Radio Station MotorFm. Now the band releases its refreshingly headstrong album «How Much Peanut Butter». With her seductive voice, Singer Helenka alternately tells angry and innocent storys. Surrounded by purring guitars, lo-fi synths, joyous drums and handclaps she struggles for happiness.
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