fine records

01. Delicious
02. Strip-Teaser

03. Slowly
04. Push It
05. Relite The Fires
06. Lure You In
07. Wicked Boy
08. Sorry
09. Fed Up
10. Crescendo
11. Get It On
12. Never Met A Boy
13. Shiver

'Extravaganza' is the debut album by Swedish Dance/Pop singer Anniela. It was released on May 06, 2009 and features as first single 'Strip-Teaser'. She is the newest discovery in the pop world, she's come to win the world, recovering the pure pop sung by brit and others at the end of the 90's and early 2000'. I think, if you like Brit's BOMT era, you'll love it so much. Listen to album sample Here.
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