Kleerup(Andreas Kleerup,Kleerup其實是他的姓氏名)先前曾經幫Robyn進軍歐美重發的同名專輯錄製新曲With Every Heartbeat混音


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2009.06 全台發行!

2009瑞典葛來美音樂獎(Grammis)最耀眼的名字,Kleerup(本名:Andrew Kleerup)!憑著滿佈電子節拍與流行旋律的首張同名專輯,Kleerup一口氣抱回瑞典葛萊美音樂獎「最佳新人Best Newcomer」、「最佳製作人Best Producer」和「最佳作曲人Best Composer」等三項大獎。而這張於2008年五月在當地率先發行、堪稱瑞典年度專輯之一的Kleerup首張同名專輯,不但邀來Robyn、 Lykke Li、Titiyo、Marit Bergman等精彩女聲跨刀演唱,而且終於要在2009年六月,正式作全球國際發行(*註一)!

為Robyn打造出排行冠軍單曲〈With Every Heartbeat〉,也曾為The Concrete、Mika、Roxette、Shout Out Louds、The Cardigans炮製混音,並且參與Robyn、Swingfly、Cyndi Lauper等人的新輯製作,Kleerup在多位女聲、爭相獻聲的個人首張專輯中,則是選定邀來瑞典當地知名女聲Titiyo話題助陣的〈Longing For Lullabies〉,作為首支主打單曲!

01. Hero
02. Until We Bleed (With Lykke Li)
03. Thank You For Nothing
04. With Every Heartbeat (With Robyn)
05. Tower Of Trellick
06. Longing For Lullabies (With Titiyo)
07. On My Own Again
08. Iris
09. 3am (With Marit Bergman)
10. Ain't No Stopping
11. Misery
12. History
13. The End
14. I Just Want To Make That Sad Boy Smile


You’d NEVER EVER guess that Kleerup was involved with Robyn's number one smash ‘With Every Heartbeat’, would you? Oh wait, of course you would, they sound exactly the same.

Anyway, here’s a new video for ‘Longing For Lullabies’, which is available to buy now.

feat. Titiyo

Someday, as I look at the sun
I think of you
And traces we leave behind
Like a fallen piece we’ll make a better start
But still end up alone
Looking down upon a place inside our heart
Dividing us in two
Somewhere, all that we leave behind
Lingers on, longing for lullabies
You live, you learn
You love, you burn
You win, you lose
Becoming you

Someday, when I cry in the rain
I think of you
Looking through eyes of pain
Passing on a feeling that we can’t deny
Over on to you
Fading memory is soon becoming blind
Dividing us in two
All that we leave behind
Lingers on
Longin for lullabies
You live, you learn
You love, you burn
You win, you lose
Becoming you


  擁有瑞典歌唱界第一女王頭銜的Titiyo,是Neneh Cherry(89年以全美季軍曲"Buffalo Stance"深受歡迎)的妹妹,亦是Eagle-Eye Cherry(98年以全美Top 5單曲"Save Tonight"進軍樂壇)的親戚,80年代加盟Arista音樂廠牌推出兩張專輯,89年以自寫曲"Man In The Moon"成為該年度瑞典電台點播率最高單曲,91年以Top 40單曲"My Body Say Yes"進軍美國,93年單曲"Never Let Me Go"深獲好評,就在節奏藍調歌手氾濫之際,Titiyo將潛習觸角延伸至Soundgarden、Radiohead、Jeff Buckley等吉他搖滾的世界,97年與Eagle-Eye Cherry合作的專輯《Extended》為她摘下第三座瑞典葛萊美獎的最佳女藝人獎。

  闊別樂壇五年,Titiyo推出全新專輯《Come Alone》,邀請享譽全球的同鄉樂團The Cardigans的吉他手兼創作主軸Peter Svensson跟新世代搖滾勁旅Kent靈魂人物Joakim Berg擔綱詞曲創作,為Titiyo的靈魂活力注入清新的搖滾新動力,此張與The Cardigans的所有專輯一樣,選在位於瑞典南方的Tambourine錄音室錄製,製作人同為Tore Johansson,專輯在精緻流暢的英式搖滾與新潮靈魂樂節拍中流露疏離惆悵的味道,首支單曲"Come Along"與同名專輯同時蟬連瑞典排行榜四周冠軍,"Love Has Left You Eye"帶點東方音色的懷舊感傷小調,"Hold Her Tight"以福音靈魂情歌曲式發揮Titiyo靈魂樂唱功, "I See Good In People"、"Last Time"都在編曲與唱腔表現上頗有可觀之處,Titiyo的靈魂嗓音這回在摩登搖滾的烘托下,讓復古的靈魂樂與新一代的搖滾精神巧妙的融合,創造出聽覺上的另一種驚喜。


01. Come Along
02. 1989
03. Love Has Left Your Eye
04. My Heart Won
05. Show
06. Hold Her Tight
07. Right Or Wrong
08. I See Good In People
09. Last Time
10. Given Thing
11. Time

Label Warner
Release Date Jan 13, 2008

Swedish favorite Titiyo presents the French import edition of COME ALONG featuring 11 tracks.

One of Sweden's most loved & respected artists. Now she's breaking out all over Europe. This is her 4th CD. Several tracks were co-written with ... Full Descriptionthe Cardigans Peter Svensson & Kent's Joakim Berg. Includes the smash hits 'Come Along' & '1989".

Label Lava
Release Date Oct 15, 2002

This is a Hyper CD, Which contains regular audio tracks and also provides a link to the artist's website with the help of a web browser.

Personnel includes: Titiyo Jah (vocals); Peter Masalkovski (acoustic guitar, piano); Peter Svensson ... Full Description(electric guitar, slide guitar, organ, synthesizer, bass); Tore Johansson (electric guitar, programming, bells); Patrick Bartosch (organ); Rasmus Kihlberg (drums); Stefan Kvarnstrom (programming); Mija Fokesson, Mogge Sseruwagi, Per Malmroth (background vocals).

Producers: Tore Johansson, Magnus Frykberg, Titiyo.
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