by VITALSIGNon May 22, 2011

On May 22nd, B2ST held a surprise fan meet with 1,500 of their fans after concluding their comeback performance on SBS’s “Inkigayo“!

Fans were already gathering to support B2ST’s “Fiction” comeback, and by the end of the morning, over 1,200 fans had shown up. With the numbers accumulating over the course of the day, B2ST surprised fans with a variety of fan service events, such as on-the-spot live performances of their album tracks, hugs, and present deliveries.

Member Jang Hyun Seung especially brought fans into a frenzy when he performed a sexy dance without any music.  B2ST commented, “We were so surprised to see the fans gathering so early in the morning. This is the first time so many came to support us at our music program since our debut. We ask that you continue to give us your love, as we will be working harder than ever.”

Leader Doojoon left the scene earlier than the rest of his members due to his “All My Love” commitments. “I’m sorry that I am not able to stay until the end for our fan meeting. Thank you so much for waiting for us; I am really touched.”
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