by VITALSIGNon May 23, 2011

Inspired by the light breeze of Spring, Standing Egg has released a new single with female vocalist windy called ”He Loves Me.”

Keeping in line with their characteristic acoustic and easy-listening feel, the team has come up with a romantic folk number that’s a lot lighter compared to their earlier release, “Ache“.

The song is a sweet expression of a woman’s feelings, documenting specifically the excitement she goes through as she receives a love confession from her crush.  The song features sweet lyrics like, “He says he loves me, he says he’ll protect me.  He says I’m the only for him and that I’m the only one he cares for because a world without me is meaningless to him.  Can someone please pinch me or wake me from this dream?”

Check it out below, and remember to support the artists by purchasing the music here.
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