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by VITALSIGNon April 10, 2011

On April 11th, 8eight’s Lee Hyun and Mighty Mouth released their collaboration single, “Although You Said So“, along with its MV!

Produced by Big Hit’s Bang Shi Hyuk, the song features Lee Hyun’s characteristic vocal color with a hip hop addition through the guesting of Mighty Mouth.

On the 10th, Lee Hyun had tweeted, “Tomorrow, the song I’ve been waiting for, ‘Although You Said So’, will finally be released.  I’m suddenly so nervous, shaking to death…  Please look forward to me working with Mighty Mouth hyungs..”

Check it out below!

Lee Hyun will be making his comeback on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on April 14th.

Lee Hyun & Mighty Mouth release collaboration teaser for “Although You Said So”

Source: Sports Today via Nate
by VITALSIGNon April 6, 2011

On April 7th, Lee Hyun’s official homepage was updated with a UCC-style teaser video for his collaboration track with Mighty Mouth. ”Although You Said So“.

The three amused fans for their goofy antics in the recording studio. Shorry J played the role of the ‘menacing producer,’ and immediately lived up to the part by nagging at Lee Hyun for running out of breath during his recording. “Lee Hyun-ssi, if you want to be judged by me, you need to have a certain level of skill! You said you were good at singing!”

Lee Hyun stands before him, apologizing with his tail between his legs. Hilariously, Shorry J gets up and realizes that he only comes up to Lee Hyun’s stomach due to the exaggerated height difference. That doesn’t phase him though, as he continues to order Lee Hyun around.

The teaser then focuses on Sangchu, who’s playing the role of the ‘unlicensed magician/shaman’. He attempts to work his magic on Lee Hyun by chanting, “Let him sing well!”, amongst other rambling.
The magic apparently worked – Lee Hyun is seen in the next frame belting out the chorus for “Although You Said So” with great enthusiasm. Check it out below!

The song will be released on April 11th.
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