by phenomon April 3, 2011

Actress Ha Ji Won has been extra busy lately with modeling and shooting CF’s after her starring role in the ever-popular drama “Secret Garden” and even starring in two movies: “7 Blocks” and “Korea“.

Well, no differently, Ha Ji Won has shot a CF for Crocodile Ladies, a female clothing brand.

 However, unlike the chic images she has been sporting lately in advertisements, Ha Ji Won displayed her cute, fresh charms. In the video, she adorably dances a simple choreography while the clothes that she is wearing constantly changes – to show the various styles of the brand.

At the end of the CF, Ha Ji Won states, “Let’s make style dance! Hello style? Crocodile Ladies.”

From the behind-the-scenes footage, Ha Ji Won is seen practicing the choreography and being slightly embarrassed during the shoot. However, at the end, she clearly has the hang of it and energetically dances to the music. The staff members…especially the male members… are seen clapping and cheering loudly to encourage Ha Ji Won at the end – to which she shyly covers her face.

You can watch her cute CF and a behind-the-scenes look below!

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