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去年夏天在日本造成轟動的3D電腦動畫「貓屎一號(CAT SHIT ONE)」,最近因獲得美國電影視覺效果協會獎提名,成為日本第一部被該獎項提名的動畫片而再度引起話題,這部動物擬人戰爭片貓屎一號,講究動物造型可愛但殺戮場面真實,由於片中主角正好是兔子,網友打趣地說「貓屎一號」鐵定會兔年行大運。

3DCG動畫版《CAT SHIT ONE 越戰狂想曲》曾在2010/7/17於YouTube首播!

漫畫家小林源文以可愛動物進行沙場戰爭的《CAT SHIT ONE》系列,將由曾經製作過《Valkyrie Profile 女神戰記》、《潛龍諜影 METAL GEAR SOLID 4》等電玩過場動畫的動畫公司アニマ(Studio Anima)全力打造動畫版。而且,這部3DCG動畫版將在2010/7月17日於YouTube盛大首播!

It’s a tough world out there, but it’s even tougher when you’re a rabbit on the hunt for terrorists.
…Wait, what?

Back in 1998, manga-ka Motofumi Kobayashi published the first volume of his soon-to-be hit series, “Cat Shit One” (also known as “Apocalypse Meow“). The series was unique, in that it utilized animals to portray the different nationalities of soldiers. American GIs were rabbits (a clever play on the Japanese word for rabbit, ‘usa-gi‘), Middle Eastern soldiers were camels, Chinese soldiers were pandas, and so on and so forth.

While that does sound a bit unusual, readers were sucked in by the incredible amount of research Motofumi invested to accurately depict military tactics and weaponry.

Last year, studio anima teamed up with IDA, Inc. to create a CGI adaptation of ‘Cat Shit One’. Though they’ve only produced one episode so far, it’s already garnered positive reviews; it’s been nominated alongside Pixar’s “Day and Night” for the “Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Short” award from America’s Visual Effects Society (VES).

Although they took these achievements in stride, IDA, Inc. has become frustrated by the wallops international piracy has dealt them, and decided to take a page from his war-seasoned rabbits.

Starting February 5th, “Cat Shit One” will uploaded onto IDA, Inc.’s official YouTube channel, giving everyone the opportunity to watch the full, uncut show for free. It’s a limited run, however, as the video will only be up for two weeks. Still, it’s a bold new manuever in the ongoing battle against piracy.

Producer Junya Okabe declared, “If it’s going to happen anyway, then I’m going to do it! This is my passionate response to rampant piracy.”

Without further ado, check out “Cat Shit One” below!

*Please be advised that it’s rated PG-13 for violence and gore.

Cat Shit One (簡稱CSO,有翻譯成越戰狂想曲和貓屎一號)是日本軍事漫畫家-小林源文的筆下作品之一.整體故事是以越戰為背景,而且人物根據民族和國家以不同的動物作為代表.主要描述冷戰時期,西方資本主義與蔓延中的共產主義之間的鬥爭,並以代表美國的兔子為主角,描述美軍在戰爭中所遭遇的狀況。故事內容除了確實地按照歷史走向之外,也寫實的描繪了武器以及角色個性,是部隊中頗為流傳的漫畫。

Cat Shit One是小隊代號,為何要用貓呢?因為在越戰故事中,作者用貓來表示越南...



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