1. Bless The Lord
2. Immortal, Invisible
3. Mighty To Save
4. Indescribable
5. Great God Who Saves
6. There Is Nothing
7. Make Something Beautiful
8. Grace
9. I Think Of You
10. Perfect Peace
11. Mighty to Save

Laura Story’s Great God Who Saves to be the musical equivalent of taking a long warm bath at the end of a very frantic day. Soothing, sweet, and exuding a delicate fragrance, this collection of Ms. Story’s latest offers listeners a way to find rest in the Lord without completely lulling them to sleep.

The first three songs of the set are full of organic, acoustic sounds featuring a sweet mandolin and warm acoustic guitar. The songs are set with an uplifting tempo that allows the instrumentation to be present enough to get your toes tapping, but delicate enough to support Ms. Story’s voice without overpowering it. Ms. Story’s voice is also sitting very nicely in the middle of her range throughout these first three songs, so the vocals are clean and bright. The most impressive song of the first three is CD opener “Bless the Lord”, a rousing reminder of our need to trust God in all our circumstances.

Ms. Story lets a more country vibe shine on the song “Great God Who Saves”. Combining a stronger hint of twang in her already downhome voice with the addition of a steel guitar to the instrumental mix adds just the right amount of country flavor to the song to help it cross that line from lite pop to pop-country. It all works, however, and there is nothing pretentious about this particular track. The lyrics are straightforward, and my favorite line is: I would have despair if I did not believe that You would come to me” emphasizing the theme of comfort and rest we can have in God as we lean on Him more and more.

The two most recognizable songs on the CD, Ms. Story’s own “Indescribable” and the gorgeous “Grace” penned by members of the now defunct Siler’s Bald are given beautiful treatment. While hearing “Indescribable” sung by Ms. Story is a treat, her rendition of “Grace” is possibly one of the most sensitive interpretations I’ve ever heard. Her phrasing is spot on, and her voice is just vulnerable enough to convey the real emotion of the song.

“Grace” also shares the spotlight with “There is Nothing” as both are such prayerful and intimate songs. They’re treated with arrangements that are reflective of the vertical nature of the songs. These tracks are stellar moments in the collection that happen without fanfare. Fanfare isn’t needed because the impact in both songs comes from the warmth and honesty of the lyrics and the musical backing. “There is nothing” is possibly my favorite track in the collection because of the complete honesty of the lyrics, the musical arrangement, and the authenticity of Ms. Story’s voice.

The musical and spiritual companion to the prayers voiced in “Grace” and “There is Nothing” is found in the contemplative, stripped down and achingly tender song “Perfect Peace” that closes out the CD. Anyone in need of soul soothing can listen to this song and be transported towards a restful place in their hearts where God is waiting to extend peace in whatever storm one may be encountering.

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